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Choosing a Surfboard - A Beginners Guide

Guide to Buying a Surfboard Leash

If you are buying a new surfboard then you need a surfboard leash. Unless you really like swimming, it is probably the most important piece of equipment next to your surfboard.

Isle Surfboard Models Suggested Size and Weight Chart

Guide to Selecting Surf Wax and Waxing your Surfboard

So you wanna get some surf wax on your stick and you're not sure where to start? Before we get started let's discuss the different types of surf wax in the market. Sticky Bumps, Famous Wax, Mr. Zogs Sex Wax, and Bubble Gum are the most popular brands.

Beginner Surfboards

Surfboard Soft Racks For Your Car or Truck

Removable Soft Surfboard racks help you transport your board safely by vehicle and can be purchased for under $100. We offer several types of soft surfboard racks for the car and this quick guide will help you select the best soft surfboard rack for your car or truck.


Surfboard Bags – A Must Have Accessory

When trying to keep your new surfboard in like-new condition, nothing will assist you like surfboard bags. These special made surfboard bags will allow you easily carry your board to your destination, allow you to protect your board, and to keep all your surfing accessories organized. Throw your board in a surfboard bag when taking it on your next trip to local beach or around the world.

Funboard Surfboards Buyers Guide

Surfboard Travel Bag Buyers Guide

If you fly your surfboards by airplane then your standard day bag just doesn’t cut the mustard. Air travel surfboard bags have a tougher outer layer as well as increased padding throughout and can accommodate one to several boards depending on the type of bag. All of this translates to a bag that costs more than your typical day bag but guarantees your boards show up in one piece.

Longboard Surfboards Buyers Guide

Surfboard Day Bag Buyers Guide

Day bags are a great lightweight solution to every day travel and storage of your surfboard. They can add years to the life of your board and help protect it from the elements at the beach or sitting on the roof rack.

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Surfboards Home Storage Racks Buyers Guide

Surfboards take up a lot of space around the house or garage. When boards are piled around the house it not only creates a messy eye sore but can lead to dings or damage. Luckily we offer a full line of surfboard home storage racks to keep your equipment safe and sound.

You’re Guide to Fish Surfboards

Surfboard Traction Pad Buyers Guide

So you heard about the benefit of surfboard traction pads and want to know what the fuss is all about? View our selection of  traction pads.

You’re Guide to Fish Surfboards

Surfboard Ding Repair Guide

From their first use, boards are always getting dings. Damages happen from being dropped, hitting rocks, hitting other boards and/or surfers out in the water, or simply from bouncing around in the back of your truck. Once a board has a crack or hole in the glass, it can start taking in water. Once this happens, the board will become water-logged, weigh more, and not perform how it should.