Aurelien immigrated from Biarritz France in 2006 and made his life in Rochester, Ny . Not much surf but he made the best out of it by spending lots of time outdoors in the ocean and lakes. In 5 years he has surfed all over usa including Hawaii. “i want to keep challenging myself and explore. The winter is hard upstate NY but when people go skiing we are surfing the freezing great lakes .....yes we are in the middle of the icebergs smiling and keeping the aloha spirit. Great lake surfing is our life and we are proud of it ,the elements gets really crazy.” Aurelien also competes in the ESA (Eastern Surfing Association) and do be part of our great lake surfing movie Preconceived Noceans.
  • NAME:Aurelien Bouche-Pillon
  • HOME TOWN: Hawaii, Marocco and CHINA (yes by myself in the yellow sea with clean surf ).
  • FAVORITE SURFER: Kelly Slater and Tom Curen
  • BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Coming to the USA 5 years ago with a bag and 2 surfboards and no english and now .....i m happy ,speak english,work for myself ,own a home and more than that have a great woman to share my life .(thanks to her to let me go anytime i want to surf )
  • WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THE SURF IS FLAT: Reading, educating myself, cleaning the beach, checking Isles new boards, biking, walking, yoga, longskate , wake board and wake surf, skydiving, spending time with friends, having a good wine and cheese with my love !