Isle Goes South - Tri Palms and Truck Sized Barrels Down in Mainland Mexico

The Isle Crew just returned from a solid swell down in Mainland Mexico. The trip was only 5 days but we lucked into some solid swell, clean conditions and big barrels. A good friend of mine just finished a house down on the beach and what was normally a zone with nothing but meager accommodation was now stepped up to luxury. The pad was tight, fully equipped with ocean view, direct tv, full kitchen and of course a swimming pool with jets for the sore back from all those barrels!!! No more mosquitos and scorpions in the bed at this deluxe setup.

Pole Cam
The surf was in the consistent 10-20ft range with a few bigger sneakers to keep you on your toes. The size continued for nearly the entire trip and gave us plenty of opportunity to test out the pole camera with a Jet Ski assist. I got the idea from stand up paddles being cut around the warehouse and using the carbon paddle shaft to attach a go pro on the end and it hold behind you to capture the shot of inside the barrel looking out.

Jet Ski assist is a bit of cheating but when you have a 3 ft. long pole cam in hand and its 20ft it helps a lot and it’s a ton of fun. We managed to pick off a few and learned a lot on how to hold the camera, keep it from fogging and not kill ourselves. We threw together a short vid of the clips from the pole and nose cam and definitely a couple keepers for sure and a lot of learning for next time.

Nasty Right Bender
The final day saw epic clean conditions and so we dry docked the jet skis and went back to good old fashioned paddle power and picked off a few glories. A local photog ended up shooting a great photo of me on a big right throater and unfortunately I got pinched coming out the doggy door and took a solid beat down. But one of my favorite photos for sure, just wished I coulda made it.

The Tri Palm
On the ride into town upon our departure we looked off into the coconut fields and noticed a Tri Palm. That is a palm with 3 shafts sprouting out of the center trunk. Something out of a Dr Suess movie. Rumor has it lightning hit the palm tree and caused it to sprout a 3 pronger. Other than the big barrels it was a highlight for sure. Check out the photo in the gallery of the trip palm, it’s amazing.

All in all it was a score and can’t wait to go back and get it even bigger and rounder. Viva Mexico.


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