Craig Litty

Jason Ronis
Craig is a San Diego native and if it deals with water or athletics, count him in. Cousin of Marc Miller and friend of Doug Pate (founding fathers of Isle), becoming part of the Isle Team was an easy choice.
  • NAME: Craig Litty
  • HOME TOWN: San Diego, CA
  • BEST SURF TRIP: Maui 2010
  • FAVORITE PRE SURF/SUP MUSIC: NWA, The B Foundation, Incubus, Bloc Party, The Crash Kings
  • FAVORITE SURFER: Alana Blanchard, Kai Lenny, Zane S.
  • BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Putting myself through life (school, trips, entertainment, etc…) while remaining debt free in a plastic, “let me go ahead and charge this” kind of world.
  • WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THE SURF IS FLAT: Soccer and basketball leagues, day dream, philosophize, read (preferably post-apocalyptic, you never know…) and getting my swerve on.
  • SHOUT OUTS: This one goes out to my toes. They keep me balanced.