Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customer service and board quality are what Isle Surf & SUP was founded on. If you have been stoked with your Surfboard or Paddleboard purchase send us a comment and/or picture to so we can add it to our feedback page.

"A huge thank-you for helping me. I was a bit apprehensive about ordering the board without trying it...but that apprehension was completely unnecessary. My board arrived Friday -- faster than expected. Yesterday, work and other commitments got in the way, so I stayed on dry land.....however, today I spent much of the day on the was everything you promised...and more. Your willingness to help and your enthusiasm clearly shows and puts Isle Surf & SUP over the top as far as I am concerned.

Also, I'd like to give a shout out to your shipper, specifically Jose, who delivered the board from Las Vegas. I was not home when it arrived (once again I was at work -- which so often gets in the way of fun). My husband accepted delivery. I had given him explicit instructions about examining the board prior to accepting delivery. He anticipated "push back" from the driver, but was pleasantly surprised when Jose (the said driver) was happy to accommodate him and even assist him. Jose related that he often delivers board from Isle Surf & SUP, and that he sees a lot of happy customers.

A very sincere thank-you. "


"Looked around for "best fit" (service,price, knowledge)when deciding where to purchase my first boards. Doug and the staff at Isle were very helpful in guiding me to the best choice for me and my 13 yr old daughter. We've had the boards for about two months and having a blast - only flat water so far but jazzed about going to the Texas coast soon."

Shea Walker
The Woodlands, Texas

"Never in my life have I received this level of customer service!! A couple of months ago, I stopped by the showroom to look around. Craig introduced himself and offered his assistance. He described each of the models in detail and based on my skill level and wanting to ride in small surf, recommended the Glider 10'10. I purchased the board on the spot and LOVED IT!!!! Last weekend, while out in the surf, I damaged the board. I thought I was sunk! I stopped by the shop and talked to Craig. He told me not to worry and bring the board back to the shop. He took a look at the board and said it was nothing. For a small fee to cover the repair of my damaged board, he was happy to exchange it for a brand new model so I could ride today! Isle makes a great product and is represented by the BEST people!!! I couldn't have made a better purchase!!!!"

Mike Bee
San Diego, California

"I had the best experience with Isle Surfboards!!!!!!! Answered any and all questions, laughed at my stupid jokes, and gave me a very high quality board for a price so low I feel like I stole it!!! I bought the 7'6" monster quad fish. They give you 30 days to return it, so I took advantage of this and used the quad fish every day. I realized that I would prefer something a little shorter. It's a big decision for me since I am 6'3" tall and 230 lbs. I sink smaller boards, and they are so hard to paddle. So when I went back to return the original board I bought; I decided since the shorter board is cheaper, I would throw in a bag and tractions pad........I ended up paying an amazing $30 extra for a complete board package you could only dream about!

I can't say enough good things about this shop! High quality boards, for low quality board prices. Is it too good to be true??? I walked in and found out first hand!! You wont be disappointed. Most shops have lower quality boards for $700!!! These boards dont even barely break $400 and thats for an XPS!!! I know have friends and fellow surfers telling me how beautiful my boards are, followed by "how much did you pay" then ..."where is that shop located?"

Thanks again Isle Surfboards...You haven't seen the last of me, that's for sure!"

Adam Harrington
San Diego, California

"I LOVE my new very girly purple SUP! This was my first time ordering a board online and I was a little nervous about having it shipped from CA to Florida but Isle Surfboards have been nothing but phenomenal. They were very patient and knowledgeable when I spoke with them on the phone and helped me pick out the best board for my needs! It arrived intact and professionally wrapped! The 10'3 even fits in my SUV :)

I tell you my SUP girlfriends are all jealous! Thank you for the outstanding service! Time for SUP therapy for the body & soul!"

Melbourne, Florida

"You guys have been wonderful. You answer all questions immediately and you are easy to get a hold of. You have provided an extremely wide variety of surfboards and SUPs with a quality factor beyond reproach. I have been ordering from Isle for many years now and my quiver is made up entirely of your surfboards and SUPs. I have yet to find any local or on-line distributor that even comes close to beating your prices for the quality of boards. This includes my New Hampshire location as well as my Florida location. You know I used to order from another major on-line competitor which came to an abrupt end when I began engaging with Isle Surfboards. The other competitor who shall remain nameless could not produce in an expedient fashion not to mention the products that arrived did not meet the specifications that were advertised. I know when I order from Isle Surfboards that I will get exactly what I want without variation. It gives me a sense of security and as you know keeps me coming back to your company. Your attention to detail and surfer to surfer interactions are welcomed. This is especially true in the ever increasing corporate poser environment seen today in many other reportedly surf product on-line companies. I also want to thank you for giving me special attention when I came for a San Diego business visit and needed a board for my down time. You guys and gals ROCK! Long live your business model and hope we stay connected for a long time in the future. Sorry for the long rant but the surf is up currently in New Hampshire and I got to go and get wet. Stay in touch and thanks for keeping me in the new product loop. I cannot wait to see what you have to offer next."

Dr. Mark H.
New Hampshire and Florida

"After having taught thousands of new surfers on Isle Surfboards I can truly say they are top notch boards that perform well and hold up great. The bang for your buck is unmatched as is their friendliness and small local surf shop feel. Thanks for the support and look forward to another great summer!"

Rick Gehris
Owner, Surfari Surf Schools

"This board (9’2 Performance Longboard) rips; it’s a high performance machine. I've been surfing over 40 years and this is one of the best long boards I've ever ridden and you can still stand on the nose forever. Had it out at Rincon on a 3 foot day and it blazed, long nose rides in the cove and very outstanding at the indicator. Add it to your quiver"

Bill C.
Montecito, CA

"I just wanted to write and thank you for a great experience in dealing with your company. I spoke with Mark several times over the phone and he was very patient with me and answered all my questions. This was my first surfboard and was a little nervous to make this purchase over the internet, especially without seeing the board in person first. It was everything I hoped for and more. I had that thing waxed and in the water within an hour of it being delivered and have been out quite a few times since. Love the board!!!!

Thank you for being a company that still believes in customer service. I would definitely recommend Isle Surfboards to anyone."

Rocco S.
Santa Cruz, CA

"Took the XPS Quad Fish out on a sloppy 2ft day and had a blast. It's well proportioned tail helps it turn like a short board and it's full body gives you the drive you need to make it threw the flat sections. There is a slight rocker in the tail and nose that help you attack the lip. The perfect board for you summer time surf. I'd recommend it for a beginner or a pro.... And for the price it's a no-brainer."

Coronado, CA

"The guys at Isle Surfboards provide excellent customer service. They were extremely fair in accommodating a return for a SUP board damaged in shipping. As a company, Isle packs and protects the boards they ship very well, and provide specific details about ship-damaged boards in their Return Policy. Follow these instructions, as I did in my case, and not only did Isle arrange for return of the damaged board, but had a replacement board on its way by the next day!

I’ve been a satisfied customer of Isle’s SUP line, so much so that I’ve bought a Glider, Diamond Tail and a Round Tail for my wife. We love all three! They are well built and perform as advertised in a wide range of conditions. We’ve used them for everything from flat lake water to NorCal surf. The carbon paddles are also well built, light and strong. Plus, you can’t beat the price when bought as packages.

Great customer service + great boards = stoked customer! Thanks again!"