Funboard Surfboards Buyers Guide

Funboard Surfboards Buyers Guide

Funshape Surfboards are the ultimate Beginner Boards!

A funboard surfboard is a perfect board for an array of surfers especially beginners. The funboard combines characteristics of both short boards and longboards. Typically, a funboard will be midsize ranging from 7’- 8’. Is a funboard right for you? Read on to find out.

What’s So Special About a Funboard Surfboard?

A funshape surfboard would typically be found between a shortboard and a mini-longboard. While this is true about the funshape size, it also applies to the ability of the surfer who would use a funboard. The rounded nose of the funboard creates stability along with adding to the overall mass of the surfboard. If you were to compare a 7’0 funboard to a 7’0 shortboard, you would see that the funboard is much more forgiving with its wider nose. Its also small enough to offer more maneuverability than a longer surfboard. Many surfers think of this blend of size and maneuverability to be the most enjoyable board to surf on, hence the name ‘funboard’.

Add A Funboard to Your Quiver

Because of all the above perks of the funboard, almost any surfer can get on one and head to the water. Its an ideal starter board for petite beginners or novice surfers who do not want to start on a longboard. More aggressive beginners typically enjoy starting their surfing career on a funboard because it allows them to progress more rapidly than if they started on a shortboard.

Funboard Construction

An epoxy funboard will be slightly more buoyant and somewhat more resistant to typical funboard dings and dents. Beginners’ tend to prefer starting on an epoxy funboard for its ding resistance and overall performance.

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