Armadillo Stand Up Paddle Board

Isle Armadillo Touring Models are crafted using a Patented Made in the USA Thermo Forming Technology Process. This special technique produces a lightweight and highly durable board using a combination of polypropylene & fiberglass in super heated steel molds right here in Southern California.

The finished product is a lightweight, flexible tough as nails paddle board that can handle heat, pressure and daily abuse better than any other SUP construction on the market. All with the similar feel and flex as a traditional epoxy glass board.

No more Dings, No more Pressure Dents, No more Damage! Period

It’s the perfect all around flat water board for beginners, familys, rentals, SUP schools or anywhere boards will be subjected to heavy daily abuse, all at an affordable price. If you want a paddle board that doesn’t need to be replaced every season and can stand the test of time the Armadillo is for YOU!

        Suggested Weight Limit
Length Width Thick Volume (L) Beg. Int. Adv.
11'4" 32" 4 1/2" 210 L 233 lbs 267 lbs 358 lbs