7'6 Isle Kids Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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Isle 7 ft 6 in Kids Inflatable Paddle Board

The Isle Kids Inflatable Paddle Boards (iSUP) are designed specifically to support smaller individuals from 30 - 120 lbs. The 7ft 6 inch length, generous width and flat rocker provide a stable versatile board for the little ones with a volume they can manage. Fortunately for everyone the days of the soft and sagging, slow as molasses 4 inch thick Inflatable SUPs are gone when you buy an ISLE inflatable board. Our Kids boards are 6 inches thick, 28 inches wide and can be safely pumped up to 15 PSI which for you means you will get a board that is rigid, stable and easy to paddle.

Comes standard with all features, 3 piece travel paddle and a high pressure hand pump with PSI gauge.

Benefits of an Inflatable (iSUP) vs Epoxy Paddle Board (Hard Board)

Storage/Travel - The size of the paddle board when deflated is a little bigger than a rolled up sleeping bag so you can store it in a closet or any other small area that a hard paddle board would never fit. This is especially important to those who do not have the convenience of a large garage or space to store a hard board or have to take the stairs or an elevator going to and from the water. You can store and take an iSUP just about anywhere you may want it to go. As for travelling you can check it on to a plane or if taking a car no need to buy racks as you can throw it in the truck. If you do have a convenient place to store a hard board you may still want to consider an Inflatable as you can always leave it inflated while being stored but the option of deflating it and taking it on your next trip is still a possibility.

Durability/Safety Because an inflatable board is constructed of PVC (drop stitched for added strength) and air they cannot be cracked, dinged, snapped or otherwise damaged in the same manner as a hard board can be. For this reason they can be a great choice for high use applications in areas with hazards such as rocks, concrete dock pillars or less than careful kids. While no paddle board should be left in direct sunlight for an extended amount of time, an inflatable board will be much less temperamental and have no long lasting negative effects from being subjected to varying temperatures. Hard boards on the other hand are constructed from an EPS foam core which can become unstable in extreme temperatures and cause the board to delaminate in extreme circumstances.

Benefits of an ISLE Inflatable SUP vs Competitors

Rigidity/Buoyancy The lack of both has been the #1 complaint from anyone who has used an inflatable in the past. We have helped solve this problem by increasing the thickness from what was typically 4 inches to 6 inches, increasing the width to 31 inches for stability and most importantly increasing the quality and strength of the PVC material and seams to achieve a higher PSI (up to 15 PSI) when inflated.

Accessories - We didnt skimp on anything to cut costs. We use the same EVA traction pad as we use on our hard boards for increased traction and comfort. Carry handle makes it easy to carry when inflated. One D-Ring on the nose for towing and one on the tail that can be used to attach a leash. 4 additional D-Rings on the deck towards the nose of the board that can be used to secure down any cargo you may want to bring with you on your paddle. High pressure hand pump with PSI gauge attached to pump. 3 piece travel paddle that breaks down for easy travelling and adjusts to varying rider heights.

Value/Look Not to toot our own horn but we think the boards look great. Nice blue color with some simple accents and a few new logos to spice it up.You are getting a high quality, brand name board with all the bells and whistles, a free travel paddle, free high pressure pump and free shipping within the 48 states for one incredibly low factory direct price.

Return Policy No hassle, 30 Day return policy allows you to buy with the confidence that in the event the board doesnt work out for you in any way you can return it (new or used) within 30 days from date of purchase for a full 100% refund of the original purchase price. We stand behind everything we sell.

2 Year Warranty Our ISLE Inflatable Boards Are Covered from any Workmanship or Material Defect for a period of 2 YEARS. This Warranty does not cover damage due to normal wear and tear or improper use.

Model Womens Inflatable SUP
Length 7 ft 6 in
Width 28 inches
Thickness 6 inches
Weight 18 lbs
Fin Set Up 9 inch Center Box Fin + 2 Side Fins
Construction Drop Stitch PVC Inflatable SUP
Traction Pad Super Soft EVA Diamond Groove 1 Piece Traction Pad
Handle Comfort Carry Handle
PSI 12-15 PSI
Pump High Pressure Pump Included
Paddle 3 Piece Aluminum Adjustable Travel Paddle
D-Rings 1 Tail Mounted D-Ring
Bungees Top Deck Bungee In Nose Area
The Isle Surf & SUP Difference

The Isle Difference

Since 2004 we have been an industry leader in bringing the largest selection of high quality surfboards and stand up boards to market at the most competitive prices possible.

We have been able to do so because of a few simple reasons:

  1. We are a company built from the ground up by surfers and stand up paddlers who have been immersed in the culture our entire lives. As a result we are able to do all board design, R&D and testing in house, in one of the most diverse testing grounds in the world, San Diego, CA. This also means lower prices for you as we don’t have to pay for someone else to do all of this for us.
  2. We focus on manufacturing our boards and selling them directly to our customers which allows us to mark up our boards very little and pass the savings onto you, our customers.
  3. We have partnered with some of the best manufactures in the world to make our products and have chosen the best construction methods and materials in order to create the highest quality boards at the best price possible.
  4. We choose to hand shape our boards and not build our boards in molds as molds are not only expensive but force companies to do large quantities of very limited selection. For this reason we hand shape all our boards which allows us to constantly be improving our shapes and continue to offer a wide range of shapes and sizes to better suit all conditions and riders.

In the end this all translate to you getting a lighter, stronger and more buoyant board with the same look, feel and performance of a traditional polyester fiberglass board for a price that’s hard to believe.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your surfboard or paddle board purchase, return it within 30 days from the date of purchase and we will credit you 100% of your original sales amount (including the original shipping charge).

You can even try the board out and return it to us used. All we want is for you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and to make sure it is the right board for you.

Details: All shipping costs associated with the return are the responsibility of the customer. Refunds issued on a board that has been used will be in the form of a store credit. Limit one return per customer within 6-months. If a new order is placed all shipping costs will apply to the new order.