Jesse “The Beib” Wright

Jesse “The Beib” Wright
After dressing as Justin Beiber for a Halloween rage he was coined “The Beib” by his peers for his boyish good looks and its stuck ever since. Jesse traveled the world as a professional snowboarder and after many years on the snow circuit was eventually sidelined due to injuries. Living in the mountains his entire life he finally decided to make the trek west to the coast and put down the snowboard for a surfboard. When not in the surf he is catching a Rage with the crew, running his German Shepard or creating websites and videos for his media company Localvisions.
  • NAME: Jesse Wright
  • HOME TOWN: La Jolla, California
  • BEST SURF TRIP: The Baja 2011
  • FAVORITE SURFER: Jason Ronis
  • BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Moving to the Coast from the Snow
  • WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THE SURF IS FLAT: Sweep and Run the German
  • SHOUT OUTS: To the fruit of my loins, daddy luvs you!!!