Longboard Surfboards Buyers Guide

Longboard Surfboards Buyers Guide

Catch more waves with a Longboard!

Longboard surfboards utilize a classic template that is geared towards beginner and intermediate surfers getting started or longtime surfers who like the feel and fluidity of riding a longboard. We offer a wide variety of longboard surfboard designs.

Beginner Longboards

When choosing a beginner longboard, you might want to lean towards one on the smaller end of the spectrum. Sometimes a 10' longboard surfboard may be too overwhelming for a beginner. The sheer size and weight of the board can be too big for a beginner, and sometimes will be "too much board" for them to handle in the water. You must consider being able to carry the board down to the beach, being able to fit the board under your arm, if you can straddle the board while sitting out in the lineup, and various other factors. We offer a solid range of beginner longboard models

Experienced Longboarders

As you progress in your longboarding skills, you may choose to move to a smaller more performance long board in the 9’0 to 9’2 range. Less length and/or width will make the board easier to turn. Advanced riders can begin experimenting with backwards take-offs, floaters,  nose rides and other tricks. Whatever path you choose to take with your longboarding career, there is always room for improvement and new things to learn. As you look for the perfect longboard surfboard, make sure to look at the different styles and shapes of our performance longboards. Our expert detailing and creative design will grab the attention of fellow surfers down at the beach.

Marc Miller fro Isle Surf and SUP

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