Mark “Slurricane” Burris

Mark Burris
Growing up Mark was able to defy all odds and survive the mean streets of San Diego. With a full pocket of street cred, Mark now lives in Mission Beach, California, and is surrounded by an ocean on one side and majestic bays on the other. When he’s not in the water surfing or paddling he frequents the local pubs, clubs and taverns to mix it up with the brethren. He is by definition, a true G.
  • NAME: Mark Burris
  • HOME TOWN: Encinitas, CA
  • FAVORITE SURFER: Wardo the Weirdo
  • BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Making a full recovery from the Havasu Flu.
  • WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THE SURF IS FLAT: Golf, Anything Leisurely, Chase Babes
  • SHOUT OUTS: Granny Goose, thanks for Lunch!