Mini Malibu Surfboards - Glide like longboards without the extra foam

Mini Malibu Surfboards

Mini Malibu Surfboards aka Min Longboards

It doesn’t matter if it is your first time out or if you are a seasoned pro; Mini Malibu Surfboards are fun for everyone. Mini Malibu Surfboards are perfect for kids and adults looking for a beginners’ board or the experienced longboarder needing something more maneuverable.

Mini Malibu Surfboards for Beginners

The Mini Malibu Surfboard is a great surfboard shape for beginners. Not only will the shape of the board help you paddle with ease, the rounded nose will create great stability when standing up for your first time. Mini Malibu surfboards are easy to carry and manage out in the water but with all the surfing ease of a longboard. The basic rule for buying a beginner’s surfboard board is; the longer the board the easier it is to ride. However, sometimes too big of a board can be hard to handle. That’s why the Mini Malibu Surfboard is a great balance of size. If you are between 100lbs and 200lbs Isle Surf & SUP has a mini Malibu surfboard that is right for you.
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