Paddle Board Wholesale & Bulk Pricing

Paddle Board Wholesale & Bulk Pricing

SUP Rental Fleets & Bulk Discounts
Stand Up Paddle Boarding has exploded across the globe as the fastest growing watersport in the world! Take advantage of this massive opportunity by outfitting your location with a rental fleet of paddle boards and renting them to customers.  Offering fitness and YOGA classes on paddle boards is also a great way to expand your business.  This offer is not limited to rental and resort fleets so individuals can get a group together and purchase in bulk to save each other a ton!

Rental Fleet Bulk Pricing
We offer the most competitive pricing in the industry with our bulk 6 board Epoxy or Inflatable Paddle Board packages.

Starting at as little as $545 for a paddle board, adjustable paddle and FREE USA Shipping!

  • Choose from 3 of our best selling boards: Isle Inflatables, Glider and Versa

  • 6 board packages with FREE USA Shipping Starting at $3270

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Rental Fleet Considerations & Tips
Rental Fleet boards take serious abuse over time especially if business is booming. Typically a standard Epoxy/EPS construction hard board will last a few seasons before it will start to get fairly beat up from extensive use.  Most damage caused by inexperienced riders can easily be repaired and with proper maintenance your fleet can last for several seasons.   As your business grows you may want to replace your fleet every 1-2 seasons to keep all boards looking new.  This may sound expensive but typically you can easily cover this cost or greatly offset it by selling off your old fleet.

One interesting trend is the popularity of using Inflatable Paddle Boards as rental boards in addition to or as a replacement of regular epoxy paddle boards.  Inflatable Paddle Boards have a lot of characteristics that are well suited for the rental market.  Here are a few of the main reasons:

  • Durability - The PVC outer shell is not susceptible to cracking on impact from being hit by a paddle, ran into rocks, dropped or any other accidental abuse that would most likely result in a crack on a regular hard board.

  • Storage -  When not in use Inflatable Boards can be deflated and easily stored anywhere a large back can be placed.  This means that you can adjust your available board inventory seasonally depending on demand while avoiding the extra cost of storing much larger hard boards year around.

  • Prolonged Sun Exposure - While we do not advice leaving any board exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time, an inflatable will be much less temperamental than a regular hard board.  If shaded storage is not an option when the boards are not use we would highly suggest going with an inflatable board to avoid any possible delam issues you may experience with a regular EPS/Epoxy hard board. 

  • Value - An Inflatable Paddle Board fleet will generally cost you much less than a hard board fleet and allow you to get up and running with a lower capital investment.

  • Buoyancy – Both of our Inflatable models are 6” thick so they offer increased buoyancy without going longer and wider and making the boards much bigger.  Buoyancy is a key factor in making a board stable for first time riders and beginners.  Our 12’6 model can easily support individually up to 400lbs.