Retro-Style Fish Surfboard

Retro Style Fish Surfboard

Design of the retro style fish surfboard

The retro-style fish surfboard has been making a strong comeback in the line-ups over the past couple years. Its unique design has stood the test of time and continues to work for surfers in today's era.

The reason the retro-style fish surfboard still works today is because of its wide template and low rocker. The wide deck of the board allows for easy paddling, while added thickness adds increased float. You will discover that you can surf a retro-style fish surfboard that is about 4-6 inches shorter than what you would normally ride in a short board. The low rocker found in the retro-style fish surfboard also contributes to its speed. The flat or low rocker is easier to paddle and catches more waves than a full rocker. It creates longer, more drawn out turns, than your normal short board. Because of this characteristic, many consider the retro-style fish surfboard more of a “horizontal” board than “vertical,” as you will fly down the line, and make long drawn out turns.

The tail of the retro-style fish surfboard is almost always a swallow tail, which has come to be known as a fish tail. The wider tail area that a swallow tail provides, leads to increased planning area. This in turn, creates added lift and drive to the board, making it faster in slow conditions. The tail is also created to be responsive, making maneuvering the retro-style fish surfboard easy.

Add a new dimension to your surfing

The retro-style fish surfboard is a great choice for those looking to get into short boarding and for those who already short board but want to add an entirely different style to their surfing. The shape of the retro-style fish surfboard continues to please all those who try it, and is a must for anyone that wants to add another dimension to their surfing abilities.

The Right Fish Board for You

Due to the width of a Fish Board, as discussed earlier, you can typically get a 4-6 inches smaller than your short board length. A 5’6 - 6’0 fish would be good for someone who typically rides a 6’2 - 6’4 board. If you are new to surfing, a fish board is a great board to start on but you want to go fairly big. A 6’4 - 6’8 be a great first board for any new surfer who has limited board sporting experience. And all those bigger newbies can try a big fish over 7’ .While a fish board would be superb for a “sporty” new comer to an experienced surfer, if you are a beginner with no board sport experience stay clear of a fish board and simply start with a longboard.

Marc Miller fro Isle Surf and SUP

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