Rich Williams

Rich Williams
Rich williams from lake havasu city arizona. Full time fire captain and avid waterman who enjoys standup surfing, wakesurfing, and sailing san diego. I was introduced to standup paddleboards only 2 years ago. The first board I bought was an Isle and I have owned 6 boards since. I am hooked on the sport and have introduced over 100 new SUP enthusiasts to the sport and the Isle Surf & SUP team.
  • NAME: Rich Williams
  • HOME TOWN: Lake Havasu, California
  • BEST SURF TRIP: Playa Negra, Costa Rica
  • FAVORITE SURFER: Marc Miller cuz he always has makes it a good time.
  • BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Proving that the doctor who treated my mom was at fault for her death, a 5 year process.
  • WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THE SURF IS FLAT: Wakesurf behind the boat or paddle my standup
  • SHOUT OUTS: to the great white shark under my board last august at Dogpatch... hope you are still only munching on harbor seals.