Stand Up Paddle Havana Cuba

When you first arrive to Havana you get the feeling you have traveled back in time. All the buildings and architecure have been untouched since the revolution took place in the 1950s. The streets are flooded with classic 50's russian and american cars. And since the cars are still running on 1950s parts its not uncommon to see one broken down every few miles with someone tinkering under the hood. Even though a little rough around the edges the city maintains a certain old world charm. Our first paddle was along the main boardwalk of the city that runs along the waterfront called "the malecon" and offered up amazing views of the old forts and historic buildings along the shoreline. We encounted a few locals swimming and sippin rum in the clear waters and let them have a go much to the delight of the on looking crowd. After logging some paddles around the main city we headed to a white sand beach an hour outside the city. Our hope was to get some waves to paddle but the surf really never got over a couple feet. We found a cool bay with an old run down mosque. The thing was nearly 50 ft tall and looked like it was gonna fall over with the next big gust of wind. Made for some nice eye candy during the paddle. After a few days of paddling it was time to explore some bars and discos. The city has a unique vibe and the nightlife never seems to stop. Or should i say day life. The "matinee" as its called is a daily party usually from 12 to 7 or 8pm at various discos around the city and is the party before the party. Typically a great salsa band is playing and everyone is in full rage mode at 2pm. Finish up at 7pm , head home for a 3 hour nap then off to the real party till the sun comes up. Overall the trip offered some amazing stand up paddle locations, Great food, Great Music & Great people... cant wait to go back.

Hasta La Proxima Vez

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