MUST READ - SUP Maintenance, Care & How To Guides

This guide is a MUST READ for first time paddle board owners.

Board Maintenance & Storage

The elements can cause havoc on any item over an extended period of time especially salt water and sunlight. Your boards are of course made to be enjoyed in the outdoors but when not in use some rules should be followed for proper storage.



Please follow these GOLDEN RULES to keep your board from heat damage:

  • Never transport or store your board outdoors in the bubble wrap included with your shipment - It can cook your board
  • When not in use never leave your board exposed to direct sunlight for extended times
  • Always keep your board in a shaded area when not in use. At high temperatures the EPS foam core can become unstable which can lead to serious damage to your board.
  • When not in use never leave your deck pad exposed and facing the sun
  • If you must leave your board in direct sunlight for any amount of time a reflective bag is recommended
  • A board bag is not meant and shouldn’t be used to store or transport your board in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time

Vent Plug Installation & Maintenance

The vent plug included with your paddle board is for the purpose of regulating the pressure inside your board. With extreme changes in temperature and elevation pressure can build and this valve allows air to escape freely from the core via a water tight gortex seal in the vent plug.

Important Tips Regarding the Vent Plug

  • The vent plug is maintenance free meaning once installed tightly it never needs to be adjusted or removed
  • Do not remove the orange sticker on your vent plug, it is the gortex seal used to allow air to escape and keep water out.
  • Check your vent plug periodically to see if it’s screwed on tightly and clear of sand or debris that could block the venting.

Fin Installation and Maintenance

Keep your fins in good condition by removing and cleaning them after extended use. Always remember to secure all fins tightly to the board as loose fins can cause damage to the fin box and the foam core.

Always check your fins are secured before you go riding!

Paddle Sizing

Download Paddle Sizing PDF Here

The GOLDEN RULE is the top of the handle should measure 9” inches above the height of the rider.

Example: a 5’7 (67”) person should size the paddle to height (67”) + 9” = 76”

There are 2 types of paddles

  • Once Piece Paddles – These come in one long length typically 86” with the handle unattached. You will need to size, cut and glue the handle with this type of paddle. Great for a single rider.
  • Adjustable - An adjustable paddle allows you to extend or shorten the shaft typically 67” to 84”and lock in place. These are great when a board is shared by riders of differing heights and require no cutting or gluing.

Some Paddle Tips

  • If the paddle is sized in the range of 7-10” it should be fine however anymore that 2-3”inches from the 9” can lead to a very uncomfortable paddle. Too tall and your shoulders strain. Too short and your back strains.
  • Always paddle with the angle of the blade tilted in the forward direction toward the nose of your paddle board. Or to keep it simple locate the ISLE logo on the shaft of your paddle and make sure its facing forward toward the nose
  • Your paddle can chip away at your rails depending on your technique. You can purchase rail guard tape to help protect your side rails from scratches, dings and chips from your paddle blade.
  • If you lose your paddle in the water they float so no need to worry.

How to Attach your Leash

The Golden Rule is to size your leash string so it allows the rail saver of your leash to wrap around the tail of your sup when the leash is extended. A string that’s too long will rip your tail when pulled tightly.

Also you will notice some paddle boards come with 2 leash plugs. This is for use in the surf and we recommend a string in each attached to the leash to distribute the load between the plugs since the paddle boards are so heavy.

How to Repair Your Paddle Board – Dings & Damage

Although Epoxy resin is very durable your paddle board may eventually become dinged or damaged.

When the outer epoxy skin is cracked or punctured it needs to be sealed from the elements, especially water from entering the inside of the board.

The best fix is to use Solarez sun cure epoxy resin. The resin comes in a tube and cures quickly in about 5 minutes in the sun. Its works great for small dings and cracks but if the ding is more extensive into the foam core you may need to seek professional repair.

Some tips for repairing your paddle board

  • Duct Tape or stickers are great to seal off small dings temporarily before you repair with Solarez
  • The key is to seal off the ding and keep water out of your core as the board can become heavy after prolonged use with an open ding

Now you have all the basics for stand up paddle care, maintenance and repair. If there are any more topics you feel we should cover shoot us an email to

Happy Paddling!

Marc Miller fro Isle Surf and SUP

About the Author -is the founding partner of Isle Surf & SUP an online retailer of paddle boards & surfboards. He has been involved in board manufacturing, product development and website management for Isle since its inception in 2004. He also writes the Isle Surf & SUP Blog. An avid surfer and paddler for the past 2 decades when hes not in the office he can be found on foreign shores searching for waves and fun.