Surfboard Bags – A Must Have Accessory

Surfboard Bags

When trying to keep your new surfboard in like-new condition, nothing will assist you like surfboard bags. These special made surfboard bags will allow you easily carry your board to your destination, allow you to protect your board, and to keep all your surfing accessories organized. Throw your board in a surfboard bag when taking it on your next trip to local beach or around the world.

Surfboards Bags for Day Use

Day use Surfboard bags are ideal for carrying your surfboard to and from the beach and when strapping boards down to your car. Day Use Surfboard bags also add much needed protection when storing you board at home. If storing your board outside, a surfboard bag will protect it from the elements and prevent the sun’s yellowing effect. Check the dimensions of your board before purchasing a surfboard bag to ensure that your board will fit. Throw your wetsuit, towel and other accessories in your surfboard bag for an effortless trip to the beach. A Day use bag will add years to your boards life.

Surfboard Bags for Travel

The major difference between surfboard bags for day use and surfboard bags for travel is the weight of the materials used. 5mm foam is used for day bags, compared to 10mm foam used in travel surfboard bags. Surfboard bags made for travel are also constructed with thicker outer nylon to handle abuse typical of airline travel. Travel surfboard bags carry anything from one to five boards.

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