Surfboard Shapes Buyers Guide

Surfboard Shapes Buyers Guide

So Many Surfboard Choices - What Board is right for me?

If you are buying your first surfboard or your last, finding the right board can be a little confusing. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when looking for a board: your weight and height, ability, type of waves you will surf in, and most importantly your personal preference of what you are looking to get out of your new board.

Basic Surfboard Rules of Thumb

The bigger the board the easier to catch waves and stand up!!!! The thickness will determine how well the board will float. The more it floats the easier it is to paddle and paddle into waves. The wider and longer it is, the more stable it will be when you get up. However, bigger is not necessarily always better if you are looking for something more maneuverable and easier to turn. Once you learn how to ride the face of the wave. It's all up to you. We will start by introducing and explaining the different types of surfboard shapes we offer and their characteristics. These shapes include the Fish, Shortboard, Funshape, Mini-Longboard, and Longboard.

The Retro Quad Fish

Created in the 70s, the retro fish is typically shorter and thicker than a short board and comes with a swallow tail and a larger twin or quad fin set up. Its unique shape allows for a looser, faster board for speed on those smaller days. Great smaller alternative to a longboard. Or those who spend most sessions riding sloppy waves. Check out the retro quad fish here.

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The Performance Shortboard

The shortboard surfboard is considered the most high performance of all the surfboard shapes. Its narrow and thin design give the experienced surfer the responsiveness needed for quick, snappy turns and the ability to surf the wave as they please. Not for the faint of heart and beginners should avoid this type of board until the basics are learned on a longer model.

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The Funshape

Also known as a funboard surfboard. This board offers up the maneuverability of a short board and the ease of a long board. Its best of both worlds in a nice little package. If you are a beginner who is only going to have one board covering all your bases, this is the one.

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The Mini Longboard

Perfect for the person who likes the feel of a longboard but doesn't need all the extra foam of one. Easier to carry and manage out in the water but with all the surfing ease of a longboard. Great for kids and smaller adults or the experienced longboarder needing something more maneuverable. Mini longboards look and feel like a longboard are typically under 9ft.

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The Classic Longboard

A modern replica of what the sport was started on, the classic longboard. Paddle into anything you want and hang ten all the way to the beach. Among the most popular boards in the water and for good reason, easy to start on and always fun.

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The Performance Longboard

This is the slightly trimmed down version of the classic longboard. This performance longboard surfboard is designed with performance in mind rather than the extra buoyancy of the classic. A perfect board for the beginner looking to be a little more challenged. Or the expert ready to hang ten and hit the lip. Browse our fill line up of Surfboards Models here. Or check out our Surfboard Size and Weight Charts to get an idea of what models fit your weight.

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