Surfboard Soft Racks for your Car or Truck

Surfboard Soft Racks for your Car or Truck Removable Soft Surfboard racks help you transport your board safely by vehicle and can be purchased for under $100. We offer several types of soft surfboard racks for the car and this quick guide will help you select the best soft surfboard rack for your car or truck.

Tail Gate Surfboard Racks for Truck Beds

If you have a truck with an open bed and a tail gate this racks system is perfect for you. It comes with a soft pad and tie down system. Its super easy to install and will keep your surfboard safe and secure in the back so you can get to the next surf spot. You basically place your board in the bed of your truck with the nose hanging over your tailgate. The boards rest on the pad located on the top of the tailgate and is secured by a strap keeping it safe from blowing out or moving around in the truck bed.

Hard Rack Pads and Straps for an existing rack system

The pads Velcro to your existing hard racks creating protection for your board and come with 2 tie down straps. This will keep your surfboard in place on you racks while driving and the pads help protect your board from the hard metal racks. We recommend the use of a day bag with these surfboard racks to add further protection for your board when tighten it against racks as well as shielding it against road debris.

Soft Car Racks

Soft surfboard racks can be affixed to any car with no existing racks (Also known as a gutterless system). These surfboard racks are a quick an easy solution for cars with no existing hard racks or mounts on the roof. Soft racks are available in both single and double systems. The single set consists of one pad in the front and one in the back and can secure up to a stack of 4 surfboards. The double soft racks have two pads in the front and 2 pads in the back and can secure two rows of up to 4 surfboards each. These soft surfboard racks are a simple and inexpensive way to add racks to your car or SUV. Use of a day bag in conjunction will add further shelter for your board.

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