Surfboard Day Bag Buyers Guide

Surfboard Day Bag Buyers Guide

Day bags are a great lightweight solution to every day travel and storage of your surfboard. They can add years to the life of your board and help protect it from the elements at the beach or sitting on the roof rack.

Types of Day Bags

Day bags are typically offered in a single board carry case with shoulder strap. The come with either a point nose to accommodate short boards or a longboard style nose to accommodate fish or longboards.

Velcro Fin Slots

If you have a longboard with a large center box fin then a having a Velcro finslot in your day bag is key. This helps to push the fin out through the bag so you can still store the board in the bag without having to remove the fin. Most longboard style day bags over 8ft will have this feature built in.

Can I take my day bag on the airline or do I need an airline travel bag?

Day bags are not recommended to take on the airline as they are padded with a very thin layer of material and foam. However if you must do it try and wrap your boards well in the nose and tail area with a towel or extra padding to protect it. You can do it but its always a risk of damage.

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