Surfboard Home Storage Racks Buyers Guide

Surfboard Home Storage Racks Buyers Guide

Surfboards take up a lot of space around the house or garage. When boards are piled around the house it not only creates a messy eye sore but can lead to dings or damage. Luckily we offer a full line of surfboard home storage racks to keep your equipment safe and sound.

Horizontal Wall Racks

This is your most common type of home storage rack and lets you mount your boards across an open wall face in the horizontal fashion. These type of racks are great for the garage or up high on an open wall space. These are expandable and the bigger the wall space the more boards you can stack if you purchase add ons.

Ceiling Mounted

These are great for the garage and places where open wall space just isn’t an option.  In addition the rack is stackable so you can build on extra levels and expand the rack to hold more boards.

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