Women’s Surfboards

Women’s Surfboards

No longer do you paddle out in the water and only see a bunch of guys surfing. The beaches are running rampant with female surfers, and their presence is being felt! Many gifted women are joining the ranks of the men as some of the best surfers in the world. These women are making surfing an even more exciting sport to be a part of, as they demand respect in every competition they enter. We have all the women's surfboards you'll want; from beginner funboards, to high performance shortboards and longboards. We're stoked to help get more females out in the water!

Choosing a Women's Surfboard

The first step in determining the right women's surfboard for you should be based on your experience level. The most popular beginner boards are the funshapes and mini longboards. These shapes provide easy paddling, and a stable board to learn to ride on. For those women that have spent some time in the water, you'll either want our performance shortboard or longboard, based on your favorite style. We offer a wide range of sizes and we'll provide you with the perfect board to either hang on the nose, or pull off some skilled maneuvers on a shortboard.

Girls! Get started

Here at Isle our female customers love the choices of women's surfboards we offer on our site. Our women's boards are designed and constructed with the highest quality in mind. This forms a measure of excellence that you can see and feel out in the water. You will not only love how these boards look, but how they maneuver as well. Choose from an assortment of sizes and graphics. Browse our women’s surfboards today!

Marc Miller fro Isle Surf and SUP

About the Author -is the founding partner of Isle Surf & SUP an online retailer of paddle boards & surfboards. He has been involved in board manufacturing, product development and website management for Isle since its inception in 2004. He also writes the Isle Surf & SUP Blog. An avid surfer and paddler for the past 2 decades when hes not in the office he can be found on foreign shores searching for waves and fun.